Server-based Hardware and Software Support

BiselTech provides installation configuration and support for a variety of server hardware and software applications. We are well versed in all Microsoft products such as Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 Small Business Server, Exchange 2007 and 2010. We also offer more personalized, hands-on services which include the common tasks of network administration such as configuring user accounts, e-mail, backups, server security and file storage.

We employ the same proactive mindset to server support as we do with desktop support. This approach enables your company to realize a substantial decrease downtime, effectively minimizing server-related losses to productivity.

Workstation hardware and software support

BiselTech provides installation, configuration and support for end-user systems such as desktop and laptop workstations integrating all major software packages as well as many lesser known options. By providing proactive service, we are able to ensure that your systems are functional when and where you need them the most.

In addition to ensuring that your workstations are running optimally, we work with your employees to provide basic training and personalized assistance for any issues that they might encounter. More than just “technical support”, the goal is to enable your employees to become proficient with their computers. We do not just fix the problems; we help prevent them from happening.

Technology Management

BiselTech specializes in providing not only support for your equipment, but Technology Management as well. Technology Management encompasses our entire array of services from an executive level in which we work closely with you to learn how your business operates in its current model and your future goals. This interactive communication results in a more personalized approached that lets us tailor your system to allow you not only run your business more efficiently and effectively in the present, but to progress toward your future goals more rapidly and with greater security of mind and system.

We will also act as an Information Technology Manager role to assist you when working with any technology-related vendors that you might have.

In short, BiselTech will provide the services of an entire IT department, with much more experience than most any department you could assemble for a fraction of the cost.